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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1. Each Student must provide himself with blanket+bed, mosquito nets, bucket, mug and other requirements for daily use and should properly mark them.
2. Silence and decency must be observed in the PG at all times, no shouting or making noise.
3. Students are expected to keep their rooms clean and tidy and keep their things in order. However, we will also get the rooms cleaned for you.
5. Each students is expected to stay for a minimum period of 3months, 6months or 1year in the PG from the date of joining. Anyone leaving before stipulated packages of 3months, 6months or 1year will have to pay the PG fees and these are non-refundable
6. Consumption of liquor, tobacco, (Cigarettes, pan, gutka etc) or any other narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited in the PG. Any student found coming to PG after consumption of liquor, tobacco or any other narcotic drugs will be vacated from the PG immediately
7. Once paid no refund of any amount after students has joined the PG.
8. Inward and outward register kept with the security should be entered by the students as and when students go out and come in.
9. Must adhere to meal timings, Meal will not be served beyond meal timings
Breakfast 7am to 9am
Lunch 12:30pm to 2pm
Tea 5pm to 6pm
Dinner 7:30pm to 9pm
10. Food will not be taken to the rooms. It is to be taken only in the dinning hall
11. Inmate is wholly responsible to safeguard his belongings, Management will not be responsible for any loss of cash, jewellery, wrist watch, mobile-phones, Credit/Debit Cards and other valuables etc; however, the loss or damages should immediately be reported to the warden or Administrator.
12. Electronic gadgets like transistors, radio, computer, TV, music systems are permitted as long as use of these does not disturb the other inmates. On complaint, the gadgets will be confiscated.
13. Inmates will pay immediately or collectively for causing loss, damages, breakages to properly like commode, wash-basin, flush tank, taps, geyser, switches, plug sockets, switch board/panels, lamp shades and other fittings etc.
14. Pictures, calendars, stickers, papers etc are not permitted to be pasted with gum, stick with cello tape on walls, doors windows, glasses, mirror, fittings etc.
15. Lights geysers, fans taps are to be turned off when not in use.
16. In case of sickness/injury, the inmate or roommates must inform the warden. He would arrange medical aid. In serious cases, inmates will be evacuated to hospital and parents would be called to take care of their ward. All medical expenses will be boned by inmate/parents.
17. Inmate can book out, but return and report by 9:00pm for late night, special permission would be granted and entered in the inward/outward register.
18. The Management is not responsible for inmates when they are outside the PG/in campus.
19. Maintenance charge of Rs.5000/- yearly and monthly Rs.500/- to be paid by the inmate.
20. The inmate should pay the security deposit which in 2months rent in advance which is refundable after serving a notice period of 2months. The deposit is non-refundable is notice is not served. The people on job or short term course shall serve a 1month notice period and deposit and amount refundable will be calculated accordingly

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